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Rafael Holdings’ real estate provides exposure to Newark, NJ’s fast-reviving commercial market and features a 20-story office building and adjacent garage – on a developable site. All Rafael Holdings properties are unencumbered by debt.

520 Broad
225 Old New
Brunswick Road
5 Shlomo

520 Broad Street

  • 520 Broad St, Newark, NJ 07102
  • 520 Broad

520 Broad Street located in Newark New Jersey is a 20 story commercial office building containing approximately 496,000 square feet. The property includes a detached 3 level public garage with additional surface parking containing over 800 parking spaces. The garage space totals approximately 3 acres. The building houses IDT’s worldwide headquarters.

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225 Old New Brunswick Road

  • 225 Old New Brunswick Road, NJ 08854

225 Old New Brunswick Road located in Piscataway New Jersey is a 3 story office/data center building containing approximately 65,000 square feet. The entire property includes ample parking for tenants and is approximately 5 acres.

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5 Shlomo Halevi

5 Shlomo Halevi is located in the Har Hotzvim section of Jerusalem, Israel. Har Hotzvim is a high-tech industrial park and is the city’s main zone for science-based and technology companies. The asset is a condominium interest of approximately 12,400 square feet. The space is occupied by IDT and related parties.

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